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Prices for 2013

  • Please mail us your questions, so we can give you advise and a quote!
  • You don't have to make a pre payment to us. There will be an invoice with our report. After receiving the invoice, you have 30 days to pay us.
  • Our research fee is  € 30 per hour.
  • Travel expenses are charged based on the cost of a 2nd class train ticket from station Alkmaar.
  • We make digital photographs of all documents we find. Sending these photo's over to you via the internet is included in the research fee. If you would like to have photo copies of documents, we will charge you the amount we have paid at the archive, most often this is € 0,50 per copy. It is not always allowed to make photographs ore photo copies of document, this varies per archive and depends on their policy.
  • For international transactions, is our preferred method of payment. With PayPal, you can pay safely using your own bank or credit card, while keeping the transaction costs for both sender and receiver to a minimum.
  • Our international bank account number (IBAN) is NL20INGB0006100087, the account is in the name of Rondom Taal.
  • Rondom Taal is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, number KVK 37155964