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Solid Research

We have decades of experience in doing genealogy research in the Netherlands and know how to get results in all of the Dutch archives.

Our genealogy research is based on the simple rule that all conclusions must be traceable to records found in the archive. Therefore, Our reports always consist of three parts:

  • Photographs of the original documents where possible.
  • Summaries in English of all documents found.
  • A section where we present the tale of your ancestors, containing all the conclusions we could draw from the documents found.

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Happy Clients

  • Before we start working for you, we make sure we fully understand what results you want to obtain.
  • We will present our research plan and our cost estimate to you, and always set a maximum budget with you, so there will be no (financial) surprises.
  • You don't have to pay us anything before you have seen the finished report.