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Our ancestors

Welcome to our own private pages. Here we present our own ancestors and would like to share information with you on a non-commercial basis. If you have questions or remarks, please email us!

We are interested in the following families, whether the members are our direct ancestors or not: RoobolLinteloBokhout and Spekman. We try to link as many of the people bearing these surnames as possible together.

We are also researching all of our ancestors, and their siblings, as far as back as possible. By clicking on the Ancestors button, you can see the first 10 generations, our children are generation 1.

One of our most beloved forefathers is Doen Beijenszoon, a rich farmer who lived in the 15th century. Many people with ancestors from the Hoekse Waard (an island of Zuid-Holland, just south of Rotterdam), share  him as a common ancestor.