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Ancestors of Mette and Steffan Roobol

Below, the ancestor table of our children is given. Because their four grandparents are from quite different regions, countries even, we have split the table in four parts, one for every grandparent. 

Generation 1 

1a. Mette Roobol was born in Leiden, on 23 Apr 1992.

1b. Steffan Roobol was born in Leiden, on 21 Sep 1993.

Generation 2

2. Lars Roobol was born in Bramsche, Germany, on 1 Jul 1966.

3. Femke Lintelo was born in the Hague, on 21 Feb 1966.

Generation 3

4. Marinus (Rien) Roobol was born in Cimahi, Indonesia, on 29 Sep 1941. This line continues here

5. Grethe Stryger was born in Sakskøbing, Denmark, on 4 Sep 1942. This line continues here

6. Petrus Maria Jozes (Peter) Lintelo was born in Voorburg on 12 Jun 1940. This line continues here

7. Helena Wilhelmina Maria (Leni) Spekman was born on 3 Sep 1943. This line continues here