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The Bokhout family

The name Bokhout is found in Zuid-Holland, Noord-Brabant and Groningen. Our goal is to research the family who came to live in Piershil in the 17th century, and still most Bokhout's are living in and around this little village in Zuid-Holland! 

Although the older generations of the Bokhout family spelled their surname "Boekhout", it is not very likely that the Boekhout's from Groningen and the Bokhout's from Zuid-Holland are related. 

Some variations in spelling of the name are: Bokhout, Boekhout, Bockholt, Boekhoud, etc. 

A possible explanation for the family name is that it was named after an existing town, castle or noble family, e.g. Boekhout in Belgium and Bocholt in Germany. 

Bokhout families have been found in the United States and in Canada. 

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The spreading of the name in 1947 (from the latest census in the Netherlands). 

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