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The Lintelo family

The Lintelo family is an old, rather influential,  family  from the east of the Netherlands. The name is found as early as in the middle ages, the family then had ties to the bishop of Münster. Even after the reformation they keep their old (roman catholic) faith. 

There is a noble family called van Lintelo, and we have Lintelo de Geer van Jutphaas as well. The barons of Lintelo (close to Aalten in the achterhoek) have died out. 

In the middle of the 16th century, one of the van Lintelo's borrows money from the bishop of Utrecht to buy a large farm (together with the privileges which belonged to it) in Haaksbergen, Twente. Around 1600, we find it is inhabited by Arendtho Linteloe, a holtrichter (a local judge). The family is wealthy, half of Haaksbergen belongs to them at a certain moment. Even now, 400 years later, many te Lintelo's live in Haaksbergen. They are, as most of the (te) Lintelo's in the Netherlands, the descendants of Arend. 

One branch of the family moves to Rijssen, from there they move on to Amsterdam. This is how the Lintelo's (in some branches the "te" is left out) end up in the western part of the country. Some of the Lintelo's in Amsterdam move (indepedently of each other) to den Haag and surroundings. 

Crest of the noble van Lintelo family (not related)


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The spreading of the name in 1947 (from the latest census in the Netherlands). 

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