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The Roobol family

The name Roobol is quite unknown outside of the Randstad area (Rotterdam - Utrecht - Amsterdam - den Haag), and even within this area the name has only become known to the general public since the 1990's, because a chain of furniture stores advertises the name quite effectively. We have been working on a genealogy of the Roobol family for quite some time now, it looks as if it consists of several branches: 

The branches of the family

Origin of the name

Because I have got ginger hair, it seemed plausible that "Roodbol" (redhead) just was a nickname which became a family name. The spelling "Roijbol" also points to that direction. But on the other hand that might not be true. Maybe my ginger hair comes from the Vikings which undoubtedly are amongst my Danish ancestors! 

People with knowledge of old languages make a connection to the germanic "Hroti-baltha" (Roem-bout), with spelling variations Robau, Robaut, Robaux, Robeaux, Rouboud. The names Hrotbald and Rodboldus can be found in the archives, and in 1382 a Willem Robaud surfaces in Ghend (Gent, Belgium). I think that we will never be able to prove the real origin of the family name.

A third explanation would be that Roobol is the name of a plant (quite a nasty weed even). In Dutch, it is better known as heermoes, other nicknames are akkerpaardenstaart, kattenstaart, or kokertjeskruid. The Latin name for this weed is Equisetum arvense.

Other families with (coincidentally?) the same name

Variations in spelling

The name has been spelled in many ways in the past five centuries. In the "stone age" there was a lot of variation, like Roobol, Robol, Rhooboll, Roebol, Rooibol, Roodbol, etc. In the 18th century, this reduced essentially to Robol, Roobol and Roodbol only, when the "burgerlijke stand" was established by Napoleon, soon the spelling was "frozen", and only Roobol and Roodbol remained. 



Crest of Simon Quirijnsz Robol, commander of a fortress in Zeeland in 1635.

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