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Family line of Lars Roobol

  1. Lars Peter Roobol was born on 1 Jul 1966 in Bramsche, Germany. With his parents, he lives in Vörden (Germany), den Helder, Emmen and Zoetermeer. On 7 april 1989, in Leiden, he marries with Femke Petra Lintelo. Children: Mette (1992) and Steffan (1993). From thereon, they lived in Leiden, Bayreuth (Germany), Staines (England), Bedfont   (greater London, England), Groningen, Alkmaar and Stompetoren.
  2. Marinus (Rien) Roobol was born on 29 Sep 1941 in Cimahi, Indonesa) on 25 Nov 1962, he married with Grethe Stryger, born on 4 Sep 1942 in Saksk¢bing, Denmark. They had 3 children: Lars (1966), Astrid (1970) and Bj¢rn (1972). 
  3. Jan Roobol was born on 8 Feb 1913, he died on 12 May 1982 in Gorinchem. On 22 Dec 1938, he married withMaartje Snel, born on 9 Jul 1913. Unfortunately, he could not attend his own wedding, because he was a soldier in the Dutch army in Indonesia. The young couple survived the second world war in Indonesia, and had two children: Marinus (1940) and Henny. Later, they moved back to the Netherlands, where they lived in Oud-Beijerland, Gorinchem, and Dalem, Vuren.
  4. Jacob Anthonie (Jaap) Roobol was born on 10 Sep 1877 in Nieuw-Beijerland, he died on 28 Aug 1970 in Oud-Beijerland. On 26 May 1904, he married with Huigje de Heus, born on 11 Oct 1878, she died on 17 Jan 1965 in Oud-Beijerland. They had 7 children, Jan (1913) was the youngest.
  5. Johannis Roobol was born on 27 Sep 1836 in Charlois, he died on 15 Apr 1910 in Oud-Beijerland. On 29 Sep 1864, in Nieuw-Beijerland, he married with Lena de Vlaam. They had 7 children.
  6. Arij Robol was born on 22 Apr 1791 in Pernis, he died on 16 Nov 1864 in Charlois (he just lived to see the marriage of his son Johannis). On 20 Jan 1816, in Charlois, he married with Trijntje Klootwijk, born about 1 Jan 1796 in Rhoon, she died on 13 Jan 1869 in Charlois. They had 11 children.
  7. Jan Jansz. Robol was baptised on 12 Oct 1760 in Pernis, he died on 12 Oct 1828 in 's-Gravenambacht. On 28 Oct 1781, he married with Annetje Ariens de Jong, baptised on 26 Oct 1755 in Poortugaal, she died on 14 Aug 1819 in 's-Gravenambacht. They had at least 9 children.
  8. Jan Janse Robol was baptised on 15 Mar 1734 in Pernis, he married on 25 May 1760 in Pernis with Jannetje Jans Weltevreen, baptised in Pernis on 20 Jan 1737, she was buried in 's-Gravenambacht on 6 Sep 1797. They had at least 4 children: Jan (1760), Neeltje (1763), Johannes (1767) and Pieter (1771). 
  9. Jan Cornelisse Robol was born about 1688 in Rhoon, he died on 20 May 1755 in Pernis, and married on 4 Dec 1718 in Pernis with Neeltje Bastiaanse de Ruyter, widow, baptised on 19 Dec 1688 in Pernis, she died there on 3 Dec 1744. They had 8 children. On 1 Jun 1748, Jan remarries with Annetje Maartensdr Vermaat, baptised on 24 Jul 1718, and has another 2 children.
  10. Cornelis Cornelis Robol, the Younger, was born about 1660, he died after 1712, and married on 5 Jun 1689 in Rotterdam with Maartje Sijmonsdr Hoogewerff, who died between 1695 and 1712.  They lived in Rhoon. They had at least 2 children: Jan en Neeltje. A coincidence is that Neeltje is a foremother of Trijntje Klootwijk (generation 6, 1796-1869), and that Jan is a forefather of her husband, Arij Robol (generation 6, 1791-1864). In other words: they are 4th cousins. Cornelis remarried with Jannetje Jans den Otter.
  11. Cornelis Cornelis Roobol, the Older, was born about 1624, was church warden in Rhoon in 1680. His was probably was called Neeltje Paters. In 1699, Cornelis was still alive. 
  12. Cornelis Leenderts Roobol, the Younger, was born about 1581 in Rhoon, and died after 1653. On 18 Feb 1607, in Ridderkerk he married with Teuntje Cornelisse, baptised in Ridderkerk on 3 Mei 1587. There were 9 children. 
  13. Leendert Cornelisz Roobol was born about 1530 in Rhoon, he died there on 1 Jun 1600. He was married with Maartje Dirks Koorneef, they had 10 children.
  14. Cornelis Jansz. Roobol, sheriff of  Rhoon, died before 1538, was married with Erckgen.