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Ancestors of Anton Corbijn

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Anton Corbijn

1. Anton Johannes Gerrit Corbijn van Willenswaard (Anton Corbijn, born on 20 May 1955 in Strijen. World famous photographer of (rock) musicians and other artists. Has made pictures of David BowieMiles DavisJoy DivisionBjörk, Captain BeefheartRobert De NiroNew OrderStephen HawkingElvis CostelloClint EastwoodHerbert Grönemeyer, Herman Brood, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

He made album covers for U2 (The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby, but also the cover for the single The Saints Are Coming, together with Green Day), Depeche ModeNick CaveMetallicaTherapy?, The Rolling StonesREMMokeSaybia's, These are the days and the Bee Gees.

Corbijn directed video clips for U2MetallicaRoxetteThe KillersJoy DivisionDepeche Mode, Front 242Coldplay and Johnny Cash. For his video clip for the single Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana (1994) he received an MTV Award. He also directed a short film ("Some YoYo Stuff") about Don van Vliet, a.k.a. Captain Beefheart.

In 2007, Corbijn got two prizes at the Festival of Cannes for Control, a film based on the life of Britsh singer Ian Curtis of Joy Division.


2. Ds. Anton Corbijn van Willenswaard, born on 12 November 1917 in Hilversum, died on 9 March 2007 in Amersfoort. On 7 October 1953, in Doetinchem, he married
3. Maria Femmie Pietronella (Marietje) Groeneboer, born on 11-9-1925 in Doetinchem, died on 15 September 2011.


4. Anton Johannes Corbijn van Willenswaard, born on 24 November 1886 in Schoonhoven, died on 16 August 1959 in Hilversum. On 14 August 1913, in Moordrecht, he married
5. Cornelia Neeltje (Corry) Ketel, born on 6 March 1885 in Moordrecht.
6. Gerrit Groeneboer, born about 1890 in Meppel. On 11 July 1918, in Ten Boer, he married
7. Aaffien Bos, born about 1895 in Lellens.


8. Abraham Corbijn van Willenswaard, born about 1853 in Schoonhoven. On 13 March 1879, in Oudewater, he married
9. Christina Elizabeth van Vreumingen, born about 1856 in Oudewater.
10. Jacobus Cornelis Ketel, born about 1855 in Moordrecht. On 28 March 1884, in Gouderak, he married
11. Neeltje Verkerk, born about 1857 in Gouderak.
12. Roelof Groeneboer, born about 1853 in Meppel. On 18 April 1885, in Meppel, he married
13. Femmigje Rodermond, born about 1864 in Meppel.
14. Derk Bos, born about 1860 in Eenum, 't Zandt. On 13 June 1882, in Slochteren, he married
15. Maria Eelssema, born about 1857 in Siddeburen, Slochteren.


16. Abraham Corbijn van Willemswaard, born about 1819 in Schoonhoven. On 1 May 1852, in Schoonhoven, he married
17. Adriana Pieternella Kuilenburg, born about 1821 in Schoonhoven.
18. Teunis Johannes van Vreumingen, born about 1815 in Gouda. On 2 November 1854, in Schoonhoven, he married
19. Lena Vermeulen, born about 1831 in Schoonhoven.
20. Pieter Ketel, born about 1825 in Moordrecht. On 12 March 1854, in Nieuwkoop en Noorden, he married
21. Cornelia van der Wilk, born about 1820 in Nieuwkoop.
22. Arie Verkerk, born about 1817 in Ouderkerk aan den IJssel. On 12 March 1842, in Gouderak, he married
23. Neeltje van Baren, born about 1816 in Gouderak.
24. Roelof Groeneboer, born about 1809 in Meppel. On 21 March 1838, in Meppel, he married
25. Petronella Dop, born about 1812 in Meppel.
26. Gerrit Rodermond, born about 1836 in Wanneperveen. On 26 November 1859, in Meppel, he married
27. Berendina Holterman, born about 1835 in Meppel.
28. Klaas Bos, born about 1833 in Eenum. On 20 April 1859, in Loppersum, he married
29. Sietje Dijkema, born about 1832 in Wirdum.
30. Hiltje Wierts Eelssema, born about 1822 in Siddeburen, Slochteren. On 5 December 1848, in Scheemda, he married
31. Aaffien Dethmers, born about 1824 in Westerlee, Scheemda.

(3x) Great-Grandparents

32. Abraham van Willemswaard. He married
33. Mergje Corbijn.
34. Jan Kuilenburg. He married
35. Alida Littel.
36. Cornelis van Vreumingen. He married
37. Christiana Elisabeth Bolander.
38. Pieter Vermeulen. He married
39. Elisabeth de Waal.
40. Jacobus Cornelis Ketel. He married
41. Sijna Koot.
42. Zegert van der Wilk. He married
43. Catharina Elizabeth Vollebregt.
44. Pieter Verkerk. He married
45. Grietje Mul.
46. Leendert van Baren. He married
47. Cornelia Jonkheijn.
48. Arend Groeneboer. He married
49. Aaltje Wolters Beijer.
50. Jacob Dop. He married
51. Hendrikje van Blanken.
52. Lambert Gerrits Rodermond. He married
53. Trientien Freriks Smink.
54. Hendrik Holterman. He married
55. Femmigje Mulder.
56. Derk Hindriks Bos. He married
57. Martje Kornelis Dijkema.
58. Sebo Kornelis Dijkema. He married
59. Janstje Alles Ebels.
60. Wiert Jacobs Eelssema. He married
61. Maria Jurjens Jurrema.
62. Hessel Sijbolts Dethmers. He married
63. Trijntje Jans Burema.